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I don’t know about you lot, but I’ve been living vicariously through Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake‘s holiday pictures this week from the stunning Lord Howe Island.  Zoë and Hamish are extremely good at flogging local tourist destinations, so it’s very fitting that they’re the faces of Tourism Australia’s domestic campaign.

“City Escapes” is the latest chapter of Tourism Australia’s “Holiday Here This Year” campaign, which launched last December.

As part of it, Tourism Australia unleashed a new ad featuring the dynamite couple in cities around the country.

A couple of days in a lush hotel somewhere in the city sounds like a DREAM. I think we all need a little getaway, hey?

Think rooftop pools, underground bars, and the very best coffee you can find in Australia (Melbourne, you know I’m talking about Melbourne).

Christ, I could use a fancy-schmancy drink.

City escapes aside for the moment, can we just take a moment to look at how bloody beautiful Lord Howe Island is?

The gorgeous family recently returned from the hotspot and the pictures are DIVINE.

The Go-To skincare founder said she felt like a “complete bloody dunce” for never having been to Lord Howe Island before.

I feel like a dumb-dumb for only learning about the place last year.

“At risk of eye-rolling from the locals and loyal visitors both, my review: it’s phenomenal,” Zoë wrote on Instagram.

“Jurassic rainforest with Tahitian-level water, misty mountains to hike and astonishing coral reef to scub and snork. I mean, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gives you a pretty big clue that it’s special, but it’s REAL special.”

Alexa play ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’.

In a separate Instagram post, Zoë said it’s ludicrous that she and her husband have a gig where they get to encourage Aussies to see more of Australia’s cities, islands, and regional destinations.

“Nonetheless! We feel incredibly fortunate and privileged to be able to show you some good stuff over the coming months, and maybe get you thinking about a place you’d never considered before,” Zoë continued.

Hamish, meanwhile, posted this absolute classic from the island:

Hook, line, sinker!

As much as I’d bloody froth a trip to Lord Howe Island right now, I reckon I’ll kick things off with a city escape. Weekend gals trip? Massages? SPA DAY?

You can suss out your next city escape right here.

Image: Instagram / @zotheysay