The Clubbers Guide To Paris (Part 1)

Need an introduction to Paris nightlife? Look no further than our party-chasing Contiki Insiders Marie Vinay and Cloé Bailly. Marie and Cloé are two Parisian girls working between Sydney, Los Angeles and Paris who split their time between filmmaking, art directing, party planning and journalism. For the record, yes we do want their lives. We’re pleased to bring you the first installment of Marie and Cloé’s Clubbers Guide To Paris.

Paris is full of clichés. Sure, sipping a glass of red while watching Godard`s Breathless will make you feel like you’ve nailed the Parisian way. But behind the easy stereotypes hides a uniquely cool city with a new energy.
Here’s is a little insight of what our nights are really made of.

Let’s start with the 10th arrondissement, or what used to be known as the old Indian and red-light district. Just a couple of years ago, hipsters befriended the occupants and invaded this filthy district to turn it into the Parisian version of Shoreditch. If you feel adventurous, just head to Rue du Faubourd Saint-Denis and duck your head into the different bars and have a dig around!

Here is a small selection of our favourite picks. Oh, and try to avoid Friday and Saturday nights.

At first glance Mauri7 (pronounced “moree-set”) is just another shaggy bistro – old men drinking at the bar, red leather banquets, dark lighting and a pinball machine in the corner. But when 7 o’clock hits, the 10th hipster scene rolls in. At 11PM, the place is packed and it’s no wonder; the drinks are cheap, the music is old-school, and the people exude cool. Hot tip: When it’s time to call it a night, grab a cheese naan to go from the Indian restaurant next-door.
Address 46, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Photo via Le Mauri7

Photo via Le Mauri7

For a more sophisticated experience, there’s Mauri7’s older brother Chez Jeannette, which is just across the road. The trick is to switch between the two bars depending on your mood, or the numbers of babes.
This place has a great wine selection, delicious food and most importantly very sexy bartenders.
Address 47, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Photo via Chez Jeannette

Note: Here’s a little sneaky advice: if you hang around when both bars close down at 2am, you will probably get invited to a friend’s house party in the area. Beware; it may be a very tiny flat full of very fun people.

This bar is slightly more discrete in this neighborhood (think Sticky Bar in Surry Hills). LInconnu (said lah-kohnoo) is the hot spot of fashionistas. An older trendy crowd sips cocktails, while chilling on massive couches discussing tomorrow’s trends. Have a mingle in this oh-so-trendy crowd, it’s fun. Or head to the basement if you dig a louder ambiance. Funky-rap-disco tunes should get you sweaty enough to forget the Parisian winter.
Address 17 rue Mazagran

Photo via LINCONNU
This place’s brand new downstairs area officially opens 13th of November and it has it all: pizzas, cocktails, arcade games and cool staff. To make sure you’ll never leave, the downstairs area will soon turn into a club. We’re huge fans of the ’80s inspired post-disco tunes and the retro-futuristic decor.
Address 68, rue d’Hauteville

Photo via Le Fantome

PNY (Paris New York)
Paris New York (a.k.a “PNY”) is a burger joint where good old American beers and authentic New York cheesecake meet truly delicious burgers. Ask for a table on the top floor where old movies are screened. It will add an intellectual taste to your cheddar.
Address 50, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Photo via 10DaysInParis

Hot dogs are just sausage and bread. But they can be damn good as a midnight snack. You are lucky, their one is right around the corner and it’s super cheap (4€). With onions or pickles, you can choose between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan style. Grab a Duff, and enjoy.
Address 63, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Photo via Mademoiselle Bon Plan

Photo via Mademoiselle Bon Plan

If you don’t want to go home yet or if you’re a big fan of electronic music, go down to the mythical Rex Club. It tends to get busy after 2AM when all the bars have closed so try to get there earlier. You’ll also want to check the lineup and the price if you don’t want to pay 45€ for a hardcore techno fest.
Address 5, boulevard Poissonière

Photo by Alban Gendrot via Rex Club Facebook

Paris has finally given in to rooftops! Le Nüba is a little garden on top of La Cité de la Mode (a 9€ cab ride from the 10th) where trendsetters and party lovers hang when the sky is clear. Having cool friends at the door will help, or try to be there early. If you don’t get in, you can always walk down to the Wanderlust on the ground floor.
Address 36, quai d’Austerlitz (13th)

Photo via NUBA

Photo via NUBA

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