Making silly mistakes abroad is setting young Aussies back a billion bucks a year, according to new research by the Commonwealth Bank.
Every year, ‘Strayan travellers lose an average of AUD$880 with stolen cash and possessions, card fraud or missing a flight being the biggest money-gobbling fuck-ups.
theft is one of the biggest financial set backs experienced by globetrotters, with over two and a half million travellers having had money stolen whilst overseas in the past year.
While it ain’t news to anyone who has had their iPhone pick pocketed in Paris, almost two thirds of Aussies who experienced money misadventure (65%) have been a victim of some kind of crime (that’s two and a half million folks).
The crimes range from having money, cards, passports or possessions stolen (25%); being a victim of credit/debit card fraud (24%); being the victim of fraud when changing money into local currency (16%).
Relaxed and carefree, Gen Y are most likely to lose possessions while travelling (46%) or be impacted by a holiday misadventure, with 41% admitting a vacay-related accident in the past 12 months caused them stress. 
The most alarming statistic, though, is the fact that we’re the least likely to be insured, with 68% of travellers adopting a nah, she’ll be right attitude to travel.
Moral of this story? Don’t be a dunce, get yourself an anti-theft fanny pack, leave your iPhone at home and roll with a Nokia… and your holidays will look a lil more like this:

Photo: We’re The Millers.