Taiwan Foodies Are Waiting For Ramen In A Record-Busting, 250-Hr-Long Line

Queuing up and waiting to treat your tastebuds to a world-famous meal is nothing new.
We do it for Chin Chin in Melbourne, Entrecôte in Paris and Franklin Barbecue in Texas.
Two-hour long lines aren’t ideal, but that’s not unheard of. But would you join a 240-hour long line?
Sounds like a joke, but a brand-new ramen joint in Taipei has just broken their own record of the longest queue for a restaurant, ever. 
For more than ten straight days, a constant stream of people snaked out of the restaurant and onto the footpath outside, waiting to get their mittens on a warming bowl o’ the hot stuff.

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Ichiran Ramen, located on Songren Road in Taipei‘s Xinyi District, opened on June 15 and is the latest in a chain of the wildly popular Ichiran franchise. 
It’s their third overseas outlet outside of Japan, after New York and Hong Kong
Established in Fukuoka in 1960, the chain’s famous for their best-selling meal, Tonkotsu ramen, which is dished out for around AUD$12.50.
The OG Japan establishment is rocking a near-constant line, too.
Reports say the place is most popular late at night and into the early hours of the morning, with nearby club rats lining up for a feed.
And now folks? I want myself a ramen.

Source: Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Photo: Central News Agency.