5 Cheap ‘Burbs In QLD That Are Just As Good As Sydney But Y’Know, Won’t Send You Broke
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Keen to live near the action but your current city is asking you for $5 million and your first newborn to do so? It might be time to pack ‘er up and flit off to the comparatively cheaper (for Australia’s east coast standards) sunny state of Queensland.

Even if you’re not yet willing to uproot your life and move interstate, I personally always find it fascinating to look up different areas around Australia, just to see how my own state is fairing. So, whether you’re genuinely intent on moving or you’re simply curious, here are some rather nice locations around Queensland that are far more affordable (to some).

Not too far away from where it’s happening, not too close to the various CBDs that you’ll be paying city prices, but rather comfortably in-between, each area with its own perks.

5 Cheap ‘Burbs In QLD That Are Just As Good As Sydney But Y’Know, Won’t Send You Broke

Fortitude Valley, 1.6km from Brisbane

Shockingly, the average price of a unit in Fortitude Valley – essentially on the doorstep of Brisbane’s bustling city centre – was $391,000 back in 2019, which is an objective steal given how close you are to everything.

Sure, a unit isn’t for everyone (looking at you families of ten but that’s your own fault for constantly procreating), but if you want to live out your best Sex & The City dreams in Brisbane, this could definitely be an area to look into.

Perhaps just factor restaurants and nightlife activities into your overall budget, as you’ll undoubtedly be hitting up a lot more joints given what’s within walking distance of your new place.

Griffin, 24km from Brisbane

With a median housing price of $480,000, Griffin is significantly cheaper than the QLD average, plus it has the benefit of being situated smack bang next to a conservation park as well as the water. You can pack a picnic and take a dip, what else are you looking for with Queensland life? Sun, sea, sand, (s)grass, babay.

If you want a brand new abode, it might also be worth having a peak over at Metricon’s home plan site, y’know, just to window shop.

I mean it literally though, your house needs windows.

Stafford Heights, 10.8km from Brisbane

Just an 18-minute ride via the M3 to the heart of Brisbane City, Stafford Heights might be better suited for those ten-person families I mentioned, as the average price of a house (not unit) was just over $600k in 2019.

I know, I know, $600,000 is still a lot of moula, but given a house that close to the city in Sydney or Melbourne can cost you well over $1 million, it seems like a downright bargain.

Plus, you’re not so close to the city that you’ll run into those pesky city-slickers 24/7.

Caboolture South, 46.7km from Brisbane

More of a river person than a beach person? Caboolture South might be your new stomping ground.

While it is a solid drive from Brissy, the median house price is $325,000, so it’s by far one of the more affordable choices on here. My Melbourne butt can’t even fathom the idea of being able to own an entire property with what would essentially be a down payment for a studio apartment here in Vic.

A whole house, you guys. With walls.

Alexandra Hills, 23km from Brisbane

While Alexandra Hills is further from the CBD than Stafford Heights, it’s far closer to the coast which is great news for anyone who loves to go for a dip and end up with sand in their hair for the next three months.

It also ranks in the Top 20 most liveable areas in southeast Queensland, which is something you can casually brag about next time you host a dinner party or a rave or whatever it is you get up to in your free time.

Bahrs Scrub, 42km from Brisbane

After a cute little road trip south of Brisbane you’ll arrive in the quaint suburb of Bahrs Scrub, where you can also snag a house on the cheaper side of things (the median house price is $470,000).

If you like to be engulfed by greenery, there’s certainly no shortage over in Bahrs Scrub – you can’t swing an elbow without hitting a bush or a tree or a park bench.

At one with nature, at one with self.

Mango Hill, 25km from Brisbane

Want to live on the actual coast overlooking Moreton Bay while you burn your tongue on a scolding coffee? Bam, Mango Hill.

Come for the view and cheapish prices (a unit in 2019 would’ve set you back a little over $383k), stay for the ability to tell everyone you live in Mango Hill. Truly, what an adorable name.

Redcliffe, 28km from Brisbane

Just around the corner from Mango Hill you have Redcliffe, which is even closer to the water than Mango Hill (well, it’s kind of a tie).

The median price for a unit is only a little higher than Mango Hill, plus you have bloody picturesque scenes that I can only describe by showing you a photo – it’s stunning.

5 Cheap ‘Burbs In QLD That Are Just As Good As Sydney But Y’Know, Won’t Send You Broke
Credit: Visit Moreton Bay Region

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