Are you 1000000% going to Splendour In The Grass? Even though tickets aren’t on sale yet? You just wanna lock that shit in nownownow?

Totally get you. That’s why I’ve done the investigative work to figure out the cheapest flights up to Ballina/Byron and the GC right now.

It’s always a good idea to get on flights early – those babies’ll ramp up when people get tickets. And look, worst case? You miss out on tix so you go on a fun holiday with your mates in the vicinity anyway.

Splendour In The Grass is running from Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July this year, so I’ve searched for flights on the 23rd – they’re WAY cheaper and whatever! You can hang out on the North Coast for a night, right?

Jetstar are doing a solid $82 flight at 7.25am on 23rd July, if you don’t mind getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. Their cheapest return Sydney – Ballina / Byron on Monday 27th July is a scary $144, AND it’s at 9.15am. Got some annual leave accrued? Take it and fly back on the Tuesday – the 5pm flight is a chill $91.

From Melbs it’s actually cheaper to fly at lunchtime on the Friday – the 12pm flight is $149. Happy to leave the festival on the Sunday? Ballina – Melbs is $116 if you jump on the 2.30pm flight. Who wants to miss the closing acts, tho.

Adelaideans – if you’re down for a proper long weekend, you can fly on Wed at 9.05am for $171 if you’re part of Club Jetstar.

TigerAir have, as always, ridiculously cheap flights. Fly out on the 23rd from Sydney at 4.10pm for just $85, fly back on Monday 27th at 6pm for the same price. The catch? You’re flying to the GC – but remember, there are shuttles galore running down to Byron AND to SITG specifically, so if you can handle the hour-long drive, it’s a great affordable option.

From Melbs, you can fly AFTER work on the Thursday to the GC for $115 on the 7.25pm flight. Nice!

If you’ve got Qantas points to throw at a Splendour flight, their slightly exxier prices could become quite affordable. Their Red E-Deal from Sydney on the 23rd is $173, flying out at 5.10pm. Getting back, you’d have to be up at the crack of dawn – not happening.

Virgin‘s doing some good deals too – their flight up from Syd? A chill $109. Coming back on the Monday, it’s $179 – but at a great time, 3:35pm.

Melbs is more pricey  – $249 up to Splendour, hoo boy. Adelaide is cheaper – get up at dawn and jump on the 7am flight for a relatively chill $217.60.

These prices will definitely not stay the same over the next few DAYS, let alone the next few months. One great thing lots of the flight sites have is a price check notification, so even if you’re not ready to book right now – you can always set that up for notifications if prices are hiking.

Happy festivalling, friends!