We’ve partnered up with Airbnb to try out their newest platform, Airbnb Trips. Instead of haul assing to a foreign country and just skimming the surface, Airbnb Trips unlocks unique places and cultures through the people who live there. From getting schooled in acrobatics by a stunt double in LA to appreciating the art of burlesque in London, the opportunities to live like a local and explore your passions anywhere are endless.

There’s Los Angles, and then there’s Los Angles. Why stick to the normal, “zomg, did Kendall Jenner just walk past us?” routine most romps in California consist of when you can have something REAL? Like, not being a travel basic / raging tourist, real. 

Our boy Hayden CoxSydney-sider / founder of Haydenshapes Surfboards – wanted to get amongst that realness and see a different side of La-La-Land. So, thanks to Airbnb‘s Trips, he was able to try his hand at an Experience aptly dubbed Wide Desert Road.
Wide Desert Road, a two-day romp in LA’s dustier areas ft. dirt bike riding and more, is hosted by ol’ mate Johnny: 
“I’m a SoCal native who spends my weeks surfing and my weekends on two wheels exploring the cities, mountains, and deserts of California,” he says. “I’m also the lead guide for adventure company Wilderness.”
We reckon Johnny’s Experience is a grouse way to see LA in a whole new light, and you’ll probs agree after watching Cox’s time there in these two videos.
Just in case you were too engrossed in the awesomeness of Johnny’s Wide Desert Road experience to remember what it specifically involved, here’s a breakdown of what you’d get up to if you booked it:


DAY 1: 20:00 – 22:00
Photo: Airbnb.
Start your experience off by getting to know Johnny / hearing some stories from fellow riders while sampling a custom cocktail at Varnish – a downtown speakeasy joint that regular tourists would be hard-pressed to find.
DAY 2: 09:00 – 17:00
Photo: Airbnb.
You’ll start your day with a much-needed coffee hit at Blacktop in DTLA. Johnny will then take you north into the high desert where you’ll ride along a trail he’s selected just for you. Upon concluding your shred-sesh, you’ll be treated to what Johnny reckons are, “The best tacos in the world,” made by LA local / the official Wilderness adventure chef.
DAY 2: 18:30 – 20:30
Photo: Airbnb.
After spending a day hopefully avoiding rattlesnakes, you’ll be chowing down on premium snags made from the slippery bastards. Don’t worry, it’s Wurstkucke’s (a modern beer hall in the DTLA arts district) speciality. Wash it down with one of the joints rare beers.
This itinerary is just one of many great new ways to explore your next holiday’s destination, and we fkn love it. 

Besides the ace options Airbnb’s Trips offers, the service itself is a bloody breeze to use. Once you’ve downloaded the Airbnb app, you can book your accommodation, lock-in Experiences in the area + scope places to visit off the back of users’ recommendations. Best of all, your choices will be saved / listed in your very own itinerary. 

What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive.  
You can check out the full range of Airbnb Trips HERE (there are a tonne, so whether your passion is sport, nature, social impact, entertainment, arts or food, they’ll have you covered). All you gotta do is connect with the local expert, book in the available dates via the app and Bob’s your international uncle.
Photo: Airbnb.