Scrabble, UNO & Pictionary-Themed Luxe Houses Are Available To Rent Right Now From Just $10

Scrabble Shack, House of Uno, Pictionary Palace Mattel

Mattel and have teamed up to offer us the greatest holiday destinations imaginable – board game themed getaway houses in the Sunshine Coast and the Blue Mountains. Pictionary Palace, House of UNO and Scrabble Shack are going on offer right now, and for a limited time, you can book them for the same price as the games themselves. Call me a wild card, because I’m about to Draw 4 to this.

The homes are absolutely decked with game-specific decor, so you can expect tasteful letters in the Scrabble Shack, quad-colour brilliance in the House of UNO and a whole bevy of pencils at the Pictionary Palace. It may sound simple, but honestly, the pictures have me mesmerised.

For a limited time, the House of UNO is going for $10, which is the same cost as a deck of UNO cards, while the other two locations are going for $39 a night, which is the same cost the board games. The discounts won’t be long, however, and soon the prices will readjust to their original costs, so get booking ASAP.

Never mind all these jumbled letters, you came to see the hot houses. Without further ado, here’s a bit about each locale and how you can snag a stay in them. Keep in mind though, bookings are capped at two nights a person.

Scrabble Shack – Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains, NSW

This three-bedroom, four-bed Scrabble-themed shack is available to book for $39 from Monday, Oct 26th – Monday, Nov 2nd.

The shack is decorated with lettered decor and Scrabble-themed wall art, is surrounded by a scenic eucalyptus forest, and sits just one hour out from Sydney.

Currently, the property has a 9.4/10 rating on, which is some great numbers, if that’s your kinda thing.

You can book your stay HERE.

Scrabble Shack Blue Mountains Scrabble Shack Blue Mountains

House of UNO – Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Rainforest views, pillows that say Draw 4, quad-coloured decor, and UNO-themed pyjamas provided make this shack one of the best places on offer in this trio, especially given the fact that you can snag it for just $10 for dates between Friday, Oct 23 – Thursday, Oct 29.

Now that is a drawcard.

The house also boasts a 9.6/10 rating on, which is the highest rating on offer from the trio, and is just a two-hour drive from Brisbane.

You can book your stay HERE.

House of Uno Sunshine Coast House of Uno Sunshine Coast

Pictionary Palace – Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

Massive sand timers, four bedrooms, five beds and pencil-themed decor make this lux locale an absolute picture to look at.

You can cop a stay at the pencil palace for just $39 for dates between Wednesday, Oct 21 – Sunday, Oct 25, which won’t shave much from your bank account at all.

Sitting just an hour from Sydney, the picturesque house currently has an 8/10 rating on

You can book your stay HERE.

Pictionary Palace Blue Mountains Pictionary Palace Blue Mountains