Unleash Your Inner Romantic At These Steamy Aussie Hot Spots Made For Lurve

6 Best Australian Spots For A Romantic Getaway

Country air, lulling ocean waves, isolated rain forest canopies: Australia’s pretty MADE for romance if you really think about it. Especially this time of year where it starts cooling down a little so you can stop sweating out your eyeballs for a hot minute. Yep, this is the perfect time for a romantic getaway** to show your partner some lurve*.

If you’re looking to impress for for a long weekend, you’d better put these Aussie spots on your to-do list.

Hamilton Island, QLD


There’s a reason Hamilton Island is a honeymoon hotspot, but who says you have to actually tie the knot before you enjoy the romantic side of the island? Spend your days lazing on the white sand beaches and doing that cute but also gross thing where one of you throws the other in the water. Which is made particularly ‘movie scene’ because the water is so dang blue.

But also cocktails just taste better by the beach. I have no scientific backing to this, I just know it to be true.

Broome, WA


Heading over to the other side of the country, Broome is serving up some love me vibes of its own. Probably because, between the luxe travel experiences and stays, it’s still kind of, rugged. You could very much get a beach all to yourself here…after to get there on the back of a camel. Although I will admit a camel ride is always more romantic in theory than reality.

It’s also the gateway to The Kimberley, so you can go be wild explorers during the day and come home to spas and royal treatments at night.

Uluru, NT

Let’s go inland, shall we? Uluru is THE iconic Australian trip. See it with your Boo and you’ll be together, surrounded by the red, red dirt (like love, get it?), watching the sunset illuminate this spectacular rock formation. As you eat dinner by candlelight in the great outdoors. Literally, writing this is making me consider actually bothering to date again purely to do this.

The Blue Mountains, NSW

The scenery, the old-timey vibes but in a cute way, and the quaint small-town living of The Blue Mountains make it SUCH a romantic place to spend the weekend. The place has REALLY stepped up its food game the last few years, and there have always been those awesome ye olde type lolly shops. Plus super cute, locally made clothes, homewares, and accessories. Hit up Teddy Sinclair in Leura, thank me later.

The Atherton Tablelands, QLD

On the flip side of Queensland‘s romantic offerings, are it’s incredible UNESCO listed rainforests. And no place better than the still relatively undiscovered Atherton Tablelands, not far from Cairns. Hike through the rainforest to end up in stunning natural waterholes and/or waterfalls, often all to yourself. Wondering where to go exactly? Read this:

Any Winery Region, Ever

Is there anything in this world more romantic than sipping on all the wine together, making those jokes about definitely being able to taste the hints of *insert wine adjective here*, all while holding hands and looking out over the rolling landscape. Because wineries ALWAYS have beaut views, it’s the law.

If you want an idea of the best ones around Australia to visit, I already wrote that for you, you’re welcome. Here it is:

*But also if you’re single af like me you can enjoy them just as much with a mate…and maybe find romance while you’re there? Aye? Aye?

** Please note, I VERY intentionally did not write this around Valentine’s Day, because single or not the whole thing’s a crock.