7 Queensland Beach Towns You Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet, But Should

7 Long Weekend Beach Towns The Masses Haven't Discovered

There is no such thing as too much beach, but there is definitely such thing as too many people on the beach with you. So then why do so many people end up holidaying at the same beaches when there are a million more that are just as beaut but no-one’s heard of yet? Nab yourself a little serenity at these Queensland beaches that haven’t really been ‘discovered’ yet, but should be.

1. Seventeen Seventy

It’s just kind of fun to stay in a town named after a year, for starters. But if that’s just me, how about the balmy tropical climates, the nearby reef, and a long stretch of pretty beach that you can basically camp on? There’s plenty to do there, like kayaking and snorkelling tours, and there will be people, but you won’t feel boxed in.

2. Palm Cove


Yes, this is a beachside suburb of the supremely popular Cairns, but being just a little further out from the city centre means that you get all the beauty, but the crowds haven’t quite made their way there yet. Picture yourself strolling along the palm-lined beach, never pausing to walk around other tourist but definitely pausing for a cocktail while watching the sun go down.

3. Long Island

Everybody needs to go to the Whitsundays. It is literally a slice of paradise and you need it in your life. However, you can enjoy the beauty and avoid the larger part of the crowds by staying on the lesser known Long Island. Nearly the entire island is national parkland, with 13km of hiking tracks that’ll lead you through the rainforest and coral fringing the island.

4. Mission Beach

Perched on the Cassowary Coast between Townsville and Cairns, Mission Beach is actually pretty well known, yet somehow it’s never boomed like others. Which is frankly unbelievable. It’s the closest mainland point to the Great Barrier Reef, so you can bet there’s some rad snorkelling and diving to be had. Plus it’s just one of those chill tropical paradise spots.

5. Rainbow Beach

It’s on the way to popular Fraser Island, yet no-one seems to stop there. Let me tell you mates, that’s a mistake. Rainbow Beach is basically what Noosa was before it became the tourism powerhouse it is today. That is, it’s a long stretch of picturesque beach where you can soak in the beauty in relative solitude.

6. Mooloolaba

The beaches in Mooloolaba very much have a place among the best in Australia, and that is one hell of a high benchmark. Yet it’s saved form the masses due to its proximity to the ever popular Noosa. If you want all the beauty, but more of the chill, stay here instead. It’s also one of only a few places in the world where you can swim with Humpback Whales. NBD.

7. Cooktown

As basically the last stop heading north before you definitely need a 4-wheel drive, Cooktown has made a name for itself as the “gateway to the wilderness”. This quaint town is full of small-town charm, famous for its river and its part of the GBR, which yes is also loved by fisherman thanks to the barramundi, coral trout, and seasonal black marlin living there.