Look, you probably weren’t planning on a big interstate piss-up, but here’s some news for you anyway.

Qantas and an embattled Virgin Australia have both suspended the service of booze on their flights, as the airline industry slowly rebuilds from the chaos of coronavirus.

The Australian reports the carriers join a long list of airlines who’ve temporarily shelved the regular in-flight service of food and drinks, limiting cabin crew interaction with passengers and cutting down on operational costs.

As it stands, News.com.au states Qantas is running a “simplified” service system, while Virgin Australia is offering water and snacks over more substantial fare.

Qantas, which is gingerly ramping up its domestic services, hopes to resume in-flight drinks ASAP.

“We expect customers will be able to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer when they fly with us again soon.” a spokesperson told the paper.

Virgin Australia, which probably has bigger things to worry about than slinging bubbly over Brisbane, will reportedly suss the situation based on medical advice and government alert levels.

Again, we’re sure that you weren’t exactly jonesing to demolish some Yellowglen in seat 16B, but there you go.

Image: Alexander Spatari / Getty Images