Nothing quite screams “I only fly business class” quite like those iconic Qantas pyjamas, but now even us economy plebs can sleep soundly in the fancy PJs because they’re slinging amenity kits for just $25. I’m no financial expert but that is much cheaper than the price of a business class ticket.

At this stage, we’ve all basically just accepted that there’s no way we’ll be flying overseas for the foreseeable future, but now you can at least pretend with your very own set of those schmick pyjamas and a teeny tiny tube of toothpaste.

Qantas has been left with a huge overstock of business class amenity packs as a result of international travel coming to a screeching halt. So now they’re slinging those fancy kits as a nice little care package to send to your mates.

As somebody who had their overseas travel plans obliterated earlier this year, it’d be a nice consolation prize to at least treat myself to a pair of comfy pyjamas. Or, you know, you could be a nice person and gift them to a mate. Who doesn’t love airport shit?

In addition to a pair of those pjs we all beg the flight attendant for, you also get a bunch of Tim Tams and other snacks, a sleep mask and some travel-sized skincare goodies from ASPAR Skincare.

Oh, and did I mention you also get the fancy smoked almonds that are usually reserved for the rich guys in first class? As a cheapo who has never bought an overseas flight that wasn’t part of a crazy sale, I genuinely didn’t even know you could get smoked almonds, but now I need them in my life.

While we’ve been out here snacking on the rogue lint-covered M&Ms in the bottom of our travel bags, first class people have been stuffing their faces with SMOKED!! ALMONDS!!

You can send them as an anonymous “random act of kindness” via the Qantas website for $25 or 4,350 Qantas Points each. Or you can just snag one for yourself, because who doesn’t love fancy business class pyjamas?

Image: Qantas