Qantas is contemplating charging passengers separately for checked baggage, meals, and even for access to inflight entertainment, according to a new survey the Australian airline put out to a gaggle of its most loyal customers.

Australian Business Traveller reports the airline recently asked the Qantas Advisory Panel, a select group of frequent travellers, for their opinions on separating various elements of the standard Qantas package.

While the airline has long prided itself on providing checked baggage and meals at every fare level, the new survey asked how the Advisory Panel would feel about “the ability to purchase a base fare, then add on items… only as you require them.” 

If the move goes ahead, it’d see the airline sidle up to fares from competitors like Virgin Australia and its own subsidiary, Jetstar.

That’s a big ‘if’, though. In a response to Australian Business Traveller, a spokesperson for the airline said the surveys are just routine procedure, and there are “no plans to introduce this at this stage.” 

In February, the airline announced a record interim profit of $976 million. Make of that what you will.

Source: Australian Business Traveller
Image: Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures