The Qantas Dreamliner QF7879 from New York City has safely landed in Sydney after a record 19 hour 6 minute non-stop flight.

The flight landed in Sydney at 7.41am, and while flight time reports vary everyone is in agreement that it’s the longest non-stop flight in history.

Flight nerds (I am one too, so no shame) have gone down to see the plane land, or taken to their yards to watch it incoming.

The crew have posed for photos, no doubt praying for the moment they can be let into their hotel room to scream into a pillow after serving customers for eternity.

Kochie from Sunrise was on board, reporting back and for some godawful reason recapping footage of himself doing the macarena.

I have so many questions – did the toilets just turn into a giant cesspit of floor piss, like a usual long-haul flight but times two? Did someone finally scream at That Guy who puts the chair back full-length during a meal?

And most importantly, after I learned a few weeks ago that flight crew awaiting an incoming plane fight over who has to open the plane door because the stench is so horrifically bad, no one wants to do it – who was the unlucky son of a bitch who had to do that for THIS flight?

Also, very much in agreement with this tweet.

Image: Getty Images