Qantas Was Flogging Fully-Stocked 747 Bar Carts & You Missed The Final Call For Munt City

For those of you who miss getting pissed on baby portions of airline booze, Qantas has you covered… sort of. Very recently, the airline started flogging genuine 747 bar carts, fully stocked with booze and snacks. That was, until they sold out.

Now that Qantas has retired its fleet of Boeing 747s and international travel is more or less off the cards for the foreseeable future, the airline’s apparently selling whatever it can to stay afloat.

Included inside the cart are two full-sized bottles of champagne, 80 (!!) miniature bottles of red wine, another 80 mini bottles of white wine, Tim Tams, biscuits and of course almonds.

“The bar carts are used and will show signs of wear and tear,” the airline notes on its website. In this case, any grit, scratches or patina simply add to to the uniqueness of the buy.

For those of you wondering just how shitfaced you can get off of those tiny little wine bottles at a normal altitude, the answer is: very.

Four of the baby bottles are equivalent to one standard 750mL wine bottle, so there’s more than enough to get you soaring above the clouds.

The airline also promises that exactly half of the booze will be good until at least next January, while the other half will be good all the way until April 2021. So there’s no rush to down it all in one session, thankfully.

To make the whole package just that little bit more luxe, it also includes two Sheridan blankets from first class. There’s even four sets of Qantas pyjamas (which you can also cop separately).

Obviously, a real piece of aircraft equipment plus that much booze doesn’t come cheap.

The whole trolley set punters back a cool $1,474.70, or 256,000 Frequent Flier points if you were a jetsetter before the world went to shit.

The bad news is that because they’re already sold out, there’s no word on if and when they might be returning to the online store.

But who knows, given the state of the airline industry, anything’s possible at the moment. Keep ya eyes peeled.