PSA: Virgin’s Relaunching Its Direct Melb > LA Route In Time For Coachella

We’ve teamed up with our pals at Virgin Australia to help ’em re-launch their direct flights from Melb > LA. Annual Leave request = now.

If you say you have no interest in going to LA, you’re flat-out lying and should apologise to Lauren Conrad immediately.

Our gen grew up obsessing over the likes of The Hills, The O.C, Laguna Beach and heck, even accompanied Taryn Manning‘s dream of dipping her feet into the Pacific Ocean on Britney Spears‘ acting debut, Crossroads. The desire to get our own butts over there is real, and deeply embedded into our lives growing up, like, you know, Dollarmites. If you’re still with Commbank as an adult, you know full-well that those relationships aren’t put to rest as a fully fledged adult. 

That being said, it hasn’t exactly been easy to get to LA. We do live in Australia, otherwise known as the most isolated country in the world, after all. But buckle up, you guys, because Virgin Australia‘s relaunching direct flights from Melbs > LA (and back) next month, to accompany their existing flights from Brisbane and Sydney straight to the wonderful LAX. You might recognise the space from Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way music video.

If you’ve got tix for Coachella or are hoping to nab them somehow, this is bloody fantastic news, especially considering direct flights from Melbourne haven’t been so easily accessible in the recent past. 

The easy peasy flights will start running from April 4th, five days a week, on Virgin Australia’s Boeing 777-300ER jets (they’ve got brand spankin’ new Business Class seats + a suave as heck bar). It’s been a sad two-and-a-bit years since the direct flights got axed in October 2014, but look, it’s quite the comeback.

Plus, you know what more direct flights from Aus to LA means – greater competition and, consequently, presumably cheaper prices for you lot. Booyah.

Get around it here.

California, here we come.

Photo: Matt Cowan / Getty Images.