Remember in November last year, when budget airline Scoot dropped a deal to get your sweet butt over to Europe for as little as $325? You guys lost your minds.
Well, that’s a thing that’s happening again. RIGHT FKN NOW, AS IN AS OF 1PM TODAY.
Yep, a flight from Perth to Athens – which you can use as a point from which to get just about anywhere else in Europe, least of which is Santor-fucking-rini –  will cost you just $349 one-way, plus meals and check-in luggage.
If you’re leaving from Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast, tix start at $399 – still a bargain basement price for a sick summer holiday.
Before you start on us about how this *must* be some kind of rort, allow us debunk a few of your major whines:
1) No, the flights aren’t in the shitty low or shoulder-season; if you buy a ticket, you can travel anytime between July 25 and October 28, 2017, which is smack-bang in Greece’s summer season. 
2) No, Scoot isn’t dodgy. You probably haven’t heard of it because it’s relatively new to AustraliaSingapore-based, it typically flies out of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand – but it’s legit; its parent airline is Singapore Airlines
3) No, you won’t be sitting on some tin can with crappy seats and no legroom. Scoot says it will be flying you over in a brand new Dreamliner.
4) No, this isn’t a paid advertisement. Just a really cool PSA that you can thank us for when you’re sunning it up in Europe with your m8s. 
The sale starts at 1pm today (AEST) and ends at 2.59am on March 19 but, based on past experience, these golden tix will be gone longgggg before then. As in, within the next few hours.
Click HERE to buy your tix, m8s. Just look for the ‘to Athens’ icon on the homepage.
Photo: Jessica Stein / @tuulavintage.