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Civic pride is a virtue but it can also be a crutch. Take for instance the bronzed denizens of Bondi, a beachside community in East Sydney populated by guys with titled beanies, surfers and formerly pale-skinned European models. 

Results garnered from two very recent, highly-scientific polls indicate conclusively that both Bondi-centric dwellers and a larger pool of Sydneysiders alike are so firmly entrenched in their respective bubbles that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Those looking for evidence need not look further than the answers generating by participants in our comprehensive Facebook census, the overwhelming majority of which valued their vibe as the most important accessory at their disposal, had eyes only for coconut water, and were willing to wait somewhere between twenty and  minutes for Gelato Messina


Not quite believing the sheer Bondi-ness of it all, we took to the same golden sands to burst a bubble that for too long has spoken for an entire nation. Should you require help taking the first steps toward leaving a bubble of your own creation, help is available here