A Chef Shared A Foolproof Hack For Making Plane Food Taste Like Not-Ass

Long-haul flying suuuuucks – unless you’ve somehow come into loads of cash and can now afford to fly Business Class and above every time you hoof it overseas, you’re usually stuck trying to sleep sitting upright – and eating plane food that tastes bland and shit.

To be honest I actually really like plane food??? IDK what everyone goes on about with this “it’s gross” business. There’s always a curry, it’s warm and sure it tastes generic but I’m into it, there – I said it. However if you’re of the camp that would rather eat wet cardboard than chow down on plane snacks, there *is* a way to make it taste eons better, according to one British chef.

Jason Atherton, owner of restaurant group The Social Company, earned a Michelin star in 2011 so he shoooould know what’s up when it comes to meals. His hack? It actually comes from his pal, actor Jude Law.

“It was Law who told me to always take Tabasco on a plane,” he to finance newspaper Mint. “Aeroplane food is always bland, so it’s great to give it kick.”

This makes so much sense we’re wondering how we didn’t just think of it ourselves – Tabasco adds spicy zest to literally everything from scrambled eggs to roast beef – it’s one of those condiments that really does work on everything, and really does enhance a meal’s flavour.


So there you go – if you’re jetting off on a Euro vacay this winter, pack a teeny Tabasco bottle and then refuse to share with your mates. Just smile in a real smug-dickhead way while you chomp down your now-delicious plane food, yeah?