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There’s nothing like a cheap-as-chips flight deal to have you messaging the group chat with a terrifyingly urgent “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEXT JUNE?” message. Your friends were probably eating lunch. They have no idea what they’re doing, next June or otherwise.

Before this gets complete off topic, here’s the drill: Cebu Pacific are putting on another phenomenal flight deal, for 24 hours only.

Flights direct to the Philippines are going for as low as $139 one-way from Melbourne and $159 one-way from Sydney.

What – and I cannot stress this enough – are you waiting for? Because have you SEEN the waters of Cebu and Palawan? I have. And that shit is crystal clear turquoise.

The travel period is between 1st June 2020 and 20th September 2020, if you want to wrangle your mates.

Cebu Pacific is calling these flights their “lowest airfare to the Philippines” and that these islands were “voted best in the world for a wallet-friendly price”, so it’s extremely ‘Champagne Instagram on a beer budget’ holiday vibes.

The sale is on NOW and lasts 24 hours, or until tickets sell out. Get around it here.

Image: Jorden Tually / Supplied