PSA: Perth To Athens Flights From $309 Exist So Prepare To Splash Some Cash

Alright friends, this is a bit bloody insane but Scoot are flinging economy flights from Perth to Athens starting from $309. And not to alarm you or anything but the sale ends April 15 (in three days) so get BOOKING.

3 0 9 bucks.

That’s actually affordable. 

The here-to-Greece flights are also available from the Gold Coast ($329), Sydney ($329), and Melbourne ($339).

Flight times are on selected dates from April 15, June 15, and between July 20 to September 15.

Of course, this isn’t including baggage, foods, and all them extras but considering flights to the other side of the world cost an arm and a leg and and your sanity, this is a pretty neat deal.

Also, in case you’re like “nah” here’s a quick example:


$443.69 and I haven’t even sussed for cheaper days yet. Also check out that delicious flight time. At least it’s broken up and you can chill at Singapore for a coupla hours before testing your mental strength in a giant flying tube.

If you didn’t know already, Scoot’s the budget airline of Singapore Airlines and they have a pretty good rep so we good.

Check out Scoot’s latest promotions page HERE for all the destinations you can escape to. ‘Cos there’s Osaka, Singapore, Phuket, and 17 other fab locations.

P.S Flights to Bali on Scoot are going for $238 from Perth if you want to be your own bachelor/ette in paradise.

While you make up your mind, here are some pictures of Greece because all that money you saved on flights will mean more money for other cities.

Get to it.