PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Intrepid Travel to get you on the overseas adventure of your dreams.

Um, exCUSE me. Please stop whatever else you’re doing while we marvel at the fact that you can absolutely book your next overseas jaunt with Intrepid Travel using a mere $1 deposit for a huge range of their group adventure or short break tours.

This is especially exciting news because, as we know, the festive season really takes it out of your bank account – yet, no amount of depleted funds can quench that travel bug. It’s honestly the worst feeling, and unfortunately, my forever mood.

Well, it WAS, until this new deal – gotta love having your spot confirmed AND plenty of time to save the full amount (and enough vacay days). Just book before 13 February 2020 and pay the rest 90 to 56 days (you’re counting down, remember) before your departure date, depending on your tour type.

Ok, so I’ve been looking through the options and I legitimately can’t decide which one I would pick?

I’ve only ever been to South Africa, but that was enough to know I’d return to the African Continent in an actual heartbeat. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of safaris. Then again, how could you pass up the Middle East and marvelling at the pyramids in Egypt? Yup, that’ll all be a $1 deposit, thanks.

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At the same time, after having lived in Canada for two years, I can 100% guarantee you will never forget a trip through the Rocky Mountains. Don’t just go to Banff either, Jasper will forever hold a special (and stunning) place in my heart.

Speaking of North America, I can’t be the only one with New Orleans’ Mardi Gras right at the top of their bucket list? To me, it’s the perfect time to join a group tour as it definitely seems like one of those ‘the more the merrier’ situations.

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A Eurotrip is absolutely a right of passage for Aussies. Let me just tell you, the Northern Lights defs live up to the hype. I’m also personally super keen to explore more of Eastern Europe – people only ever rave about their holidays there.

Look, you get it – this is a big wide world we live in and now it’s much easier to go see it. Literally, all you need right now is a gold coin. Which basically means your only problem is deciding where to go.

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