Ocean pools are like the beach, but make it luxurious. The experience high and low tide, just the same. They’re filled with ocean water. But they let you avoid the sand – which s obviously the worst part of the beach – and the waves if you’re looking for a smooth paddle rather than hanging 10.

Before I start listing, please know that I am fully aware this article should pretty much be called ‘Best Ocean Pools In New South Wales‘. I get it, but NSW just happens to be better at this. I looked, I truly did, which is why any non-NSW pools made it all. Don’t be jealous.

Blue Pool, Bermagui NSW

You don’t really think ‘ocean’ when someone mentions the Bega Valley Shire. In fact, right now all I can think about is cheese and how sad I am I don’t have any. And yet, right in the middle of it, you’ll find Bermagui’s tidal ocean pool, and arguably the prettiest on this list, Blue Pool. The setting is pretty dramatic, what with it being etched into the cliffs and all, so you’ll be snapping a lot of pics.

Bondi Icebergs, Bondi NSW

I’ve previously discussed why Bondi Beach will never make any best of roundups for me. Sorry, not sorry. But I’m breaking my rule for the Icebergs ocean pool because even I have to admit they’re way cool. They’re also good for doing actual laps if you’re a fitness person, and they’re patrolled by lifeguards. Plus head upstairs for cocktails if you want to feel like one of those classy people doing cool things. Just trust me.

Bronte Baths, Bronte NSW

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Right next door to Bondi, you’ll want to hang in the Bronte Baths until sunset for some truly spesh views. It’s right on the edge of the water so you almost feel like you’re in the ocean.

Currarong Beach NSW

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This isn’t technically a pool, but they’ve cemented steps and a handrail going down into it, so maybe it is? Either way, it completely tickled my fancy when I discovered it on a girl’s weekend on the South Coast. One end of the beach is quite rocky and kind of forms a totally natural ocean pool. It’s not blocked off from the ocean entirely but it’s very protected from the waves. The whole beach is very pretty and I totes saw dolphins so 10/10 recommend.

Mahon Rock Pool, Maroubra NSW

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The south of Sydney is home to a lot of awesome ocean pools, but Mahon Rock Pool at the north end of Maroubra Beach holds a special place atop the list thanks to being slightly less crowded and having a stunner view.

Wylie’s Baths, Coogee NSW

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Thought about going to the famous Icebergs at Bondi but finally decided to go to @wyliesbaths instead…and I never looked back. (except for this photo HAHA) If you SEA what I mean ???? . It was my first type visiting this kind of pool and I gotta say, why is it not everywhere?!?! ???? Don’t really know how to describe it but in my Sydney insta stories, you’ll see it’s a man-made “pool” excavated into the rocks right by the sea that’s constantly filled up by fresh seawater from the waves. ????Though of course the excavation would’ve disturbed the local ecosystem, I love how it doesn’t rely on chlorine, chemicals and energy-powered systems to maintain it. You don’t even have to worry about sand going everywhere, just the odd little clump of algae floating around ???? Definitely worth and waaaaay better than Manly Beach!

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How about a National Trust of Australia (NSW Division) heritage-listed ocean pool? Wylie’s Baths were opened wayyyy back in 1907 by swim champ Henry Alexander Wylie, so it’s fair to say there’s a lot of history here which makes it even more intriguing. A blue and yellow deck sits above it on stilts, in case you just want to enjoy the view.

The Entrance Ocean Baths, The Entrance NSW

Having grown up on the Central Coast and VERY much being of the teenage mindset ‘get me the hell outta here’, I completely took its beauty for granted. The Entrance Ocean Baths are one of those things I only began to appreciate as an adult going back to visit. I tell you what, I missed out though, she’s a stunner. Look out onto the rocks and rolling waves of The Entrance Beach.

Coalcliff Pool, Coalcliff NSW

Coalcliff pool exists thanks to a few locals blasting the rocks back in 1921. Five years of progress later, and a reportedly stolen pipe, the pool was expanded into the beauty it is today.

Edithburgh Tidal Pool, Edithburgh SA

Here’s a fun one. Remember how in the 1880s it was ‘unseemly’ for men and women to swim together? The original ocean pool in Edithburgh was made for just this reason, aka so the ladies could bathe away from prying eyes of men. Later the remaining Edithburgh Tidal Pool was built for the fellas.


Image: iStock Images / [lovleah]