Where To Go In The NT If You’re Down For That True Blue Aussie Experience

NT experience

Pop quiz, can you call yourselves cultured if you’ve never been to the Northern Territory? Yes, technically you can because there are no laws dictating otherwise but in my eyes, you’re still uncultured, swine.

I jest of course (sorta), Australia‘s massive and visiting all states and territories is an absolute mission, so you’d be forgiven if you’ve missed a couple of places.

But if you are keen on exploring more of your own backyard, or you’ve been banned from exploring other people’s backyards (trespassing is never okay you guys), head to Australia’s Top End for a crash-course in the ~true blue~ Aussie way.

ICYMI: we know there’s a lot to see and do in the NT, so we recruited a mismatched pair of Location Scouts to help you narrow down your ideal vacay spots (you can also watch the other episodes HERE:)

Now, here are my personal recommendations for places to go in the Top End. Just make sure you’re not allergic to beautiful scenes or you know, being away from social media for longer than 20 minutes.

Litchfield Park Road, Litchfield Park NT 0822

You honestly can’t go to the NT without visiting at least three waterfalls. No, seriously, you can’t go to the NT without visiting at least three waterfalls, they’re everywhere.

And that’s by no means a bad thing, I’d live in a waterfall if that was at all feasible. At Litchfield National Park in particular, there’s a tonne of waterfalls to explore and frolic in and as a bonus, they make for some banging thirst-trap snaps – half-naked with a picturesque backdrop? You’re in.

Tiwi Islands NT

If you really just can’t stand people at the moment and even Darwin’s too busy for you, hop on a Sealink ferry from NT’s capital city and head to Tiwi Islands.

Once you’re on Tiwi Islands, get around a Tiwi by Design cultural day tour – a Tiwi local will be your guide for the day as they give you the most authentic experience you’re ever gonna cop – probably. There’s a lot to learn about the Tiwi community so be prepared to take note.

Nitmiluk NT 0852

Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge is truly like something out of King Kong – either the older Jack Black version or that new one that no one really remembers.

One of the wicked aspects of exploring Nitmiluk Gorge is that you can do it by canoe, cruise, foot or a helicopter if you’re feeling a little bit fancier than the rest of us. You can also take a dip in some natural watering holes if you’re feeling toasty or if you wanna spy some Aboriginal rock art. Try doing that in Sydney, Sydney people.

Lot 288 Pularumpi Rd, Pularumpi NT 0822

If you love a spot of fishing but the pier down at your local beach is proving to be testing the ol’ patience, the only other option is to head up to the Clearwater Island Lodge. Trust me, if you want to fish where only few have fished before, it really is the only other option.

Settled near Tiwi Islands and Melville Islands, you’ll rarely find a more unique place to fish – unless you’ve gone ice fishing in Antarctica but honestly, if you have then you’re doing too much. Tone it down.

Kakadu National Park NT 0822

You can’t hit up the Northern Territory unless you head to Ubirr in Kakadu National Park. Well I mean, you can, I’m not your boss, but you shouldn’t and I won’t let you.

Ubirr is famous for overlooking the spectacular Nadab floodplain where there are a bunch of natural shelters that have a collection of Aboriginal rock paintings, some dating back thousands of years – try get your head around that one.

Of course, all of that’s about 1/20th of places you should go to in the NT before you get too old to appreciate things, so, if you hit up all of them this time around, you only need another 19 trips to get the full experience – is that maths right?