New Zealand Still Trying To Convince Us That New Zealand Is Middle Earth

Having sold their souls to Sauron for a chance to conceive, execute and profit from the one cross-promotional marketing campaign to rule them all, Air New Zealand continues to attempt to force us to suspend our disbelief long enough to go along with the conceit that our progressive southern neighbours with the smaller but much nicer house than us are in fact the fantastical characters from a fantasy fiction novel written over seventy years ago. We get it! Your country is unnaturally beautiful. You can shoot films about elves and dwarfs and serial killers there. It’s nice. We get it. 

The video, Just Another Day in Middle-earth, stars Air New Zealand flight
attendants, pilots, aircraft engineers, marshalls, baggage
handlers and airport staff as themselves, and frames New Zealand as a mystical universe of wonder to convey the message that ‘Middle-earth is closer than you think’, ie. a short flight out to Wellington where you can meet orcs in the day and get Legolas at night.