You Could Be Binge-Watching Netflix On Flights Around The World By 2018

Everyone’s favourite binge-watching enabler, Netflix, is offering up its supreme mobile technology to airlines around the world so y’all can watch that shit during your flight. Even better yet, they’re gonna give it to ya for fucking free.

Because of the internet speeds required to stream content, airlines have never really bothered with it. By 2018, Netflix’s sweet bandwidth-friendly tech will allow for DVD-quality streaming during flight.

It’ll even save partnering airlines a massive 75 percent in their bandwidth costs, something Netflix hopes will translate to cheaper in-flight Wi-Fi. Some airlines have already taken steps towards a streaming-friendly environment, including Virgin AmericaQantas, Aeromexico, and Virgin Australia.

To persuade more airlines to jump on the streaming bandwagon, Netflix has told them it’ll improve customer satisfaction tenfold. That’s one helluva bold claim, but to be fair, anywhere I can retreat into the comfort of a good binge-watch is a good time for me.

The company are also hoping that folks who aren’t already members of the service will sign up once they get a taste for it in the sky. That’s how they get you.

Even if you’re not phased by the increased viewing options, you gotta admit, it’s a big step towards greater internet availability during flights, and we can all get onboard with that.