So it turns out the Museum of Hangovers is a very real place, and not just a figment of your imagination that pops up at around 3pm every Sunday afternoon after a big night on the town.

The museum has just opened its doors in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia, and it’s entirely dedicated to hangovers. Yes, the Croatian capital that’s already home to the Museum of Broken Relationships is now home to the Museum of Hangovers.

I know what you’re thinking, why?

According to co-founder Rino Dubokovic, the idea came from a conversation between a few friends about drinking at parties and the aftermath.

“A friend spoke about how he woke up with a bicycle pedal in his pocket, and I thought, as I listened to him, ‘Why not set up a place, a museum, with the collection of these objects and stories that will illustrate in a funny way these evenings of drunkenness and the hangover the next day?” Dubokovic told CBS News.

Sharing drunken stories is a wonderful bonding experience, so why not turn it into a museum that’s entirely dedicated to the funniest hangover tales?

Six months after his initial idea, Dubokovic’s dream had come to life. The Museum of Hangovers was finally complete.

Basically, the museum is filled with all of the glorious moments of a drunken night out and the mistakes that you’re bound to regret the following day.

As you walk through the museum, you’re transported through graffiti-clad alleyways, storefronts, the sketchy-looking park you have to walk through on your way home, before finally ending up in your bedroom. From there, you get to pick up the pieces of your drunken mess.

The experience is extremely interactive, with guests wearing beer goggles to simulate drunkenness. If you manage to score a bullseye on their dartboard, you don’t even have to pay for entry.

Guests can also add their own drunken submissions to the exhibition by finishing the sentence “I woke up with.” Naturally, there are a tonne of hilarious submissions including “a lot of pumpkins.”

When you’re finished wearing beer goggles and laughing at other peoples’ drunken misfortunes, you can head to the gift shop that’s filled with games like Drunkopoly and other fun bar games like darts and cards.

The Museum of Hangovers is only temporary at the moment, but if Dubokovic can secure funding, the museum could become a permanent attraction in Zagreb.

Image: Getty Images / DENIS LOVROVIC