PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with We Are GC to show off the Goldy.

We all get the lil’ call every now and then. Itchy feet, needing to get the heck out of wherever you live and start fresh. Some folks find a new place, some a new suburb – and some? Some move interstate. We chatted to a few folks (including some Sydneysiders) who made the move to the Gold Coast.

Wondering why we’re calling out Sydneysiders? Well, if you’re a footy fan, you know that if you live on this big hot rock we call Australia that some lines just don’t get crossed – and let me tell you, if you’re from the grand, dignified state of New South Wales, crossing the border into Queensland is considered one of those lines.

But regardless of where you’re from originally, if you’re thinking of making the move up to the Goldy then have a squiz at what people who made the move have to say.

Gold Coast

The career move

My husband’s work offered him a new position up there for a two-year contract so we moved there during summer. It was hot and humid but we really enjoyed the lifestyle. There was always something to do, somewhere to go. Eating brunch at cute cafes, rent was cheaper, theme park visits whenever we had a free afternoon and visits to a beach almost every weekend.

We definitely didn’t cop any flak, everyone was super supportive of the challenge we were taking on. We just earned frequent flyers visiting each other often. My husband was sad to leave NSW (he’s quite the patriotic one!) but we both found the distance from our family & friends being the most difficult to overcome. – Heidi B, originally from Sydney

Gold Coast

The family sitch

I moved because I wanted to be closer to fam who lived on the Goldy, and also the weather was wayyyy better! The GC was very chill – it was sunny like every day, and the ocean is right there to frolic in. There are cool bars popping up everywhere. GC for life!Jane S, originally from Melbourne

Gold Coast

The big fat promotion

I’d never really thought about heading up north because I’m definitely a winter person, but when I was offered a promotion at work (with a pretty hefty pay rise that defs sweetened the deal), I decided to pack everything up into my car and drive up to the Gold Coast over a long weekend. I slept in my car overnight and woke up to the sunrise each day.

I was single at the time so I didn’t have to worry too much about leaving anyone behind, but my family were a bit surprised. I’ve been here ever since though and they come visiting a few times a year – they joke that they’re only up for the beach, but you can tell they all enjoy the trips. – Troy, originally from Ulladulla

The excuse for a holiday

I didn’t even think too much about it; I finished my final exam and packed my life up in the Blue Mountains, then moved to the Gold Coast two days later. I didn’t have much time to plan except to unpack my winter clothes and repack for warmer weather.

The only flak I copped was just my mates being like, “are you trying to get away from us” in a joking way. But they came and visited quite a lot, and used me as an excuse for a holiday. I loved it. – Tilly H, originally from the Blue Mountains

Gold Coast

The laidback lifestyle

I moved because my new partner and I felt we needed to get out of Sydney (too much drama, too busy), and his mum lives on the Gold Coast so we moved in with her until we got our own place.

My mum was excited because she lives in Hervey Bay and it’s only four hours from the Gold Coast. My dad was a bit wary because I was moving with a new relationship and he hoped everything would work out – Dad lives in Tamworth and it’s further to the Gold Coast than Sydney.

I don’t feel I abandoned my state – I still go for the blues in State of Origin. But I like the Gold Coast. It’s sunny and warm most of the time and the pace is slower, which is good for me. – Stephanie M, originally from Sydney

So look, there’s stacks of positive experiences from people who’ve packed up their lives and skedaddled on to the Gold Coast. Maybe you’ll be the next one – who’s to say?

Give it a crack, mates.

Image: iStock / FlamingoImages