One of the more deeply frustrating and time consuming aspects of passing through an airport will be a thing of the past for a fair whack of punters milling about Melbourne Airport as of today, thanks to the introduction of a bank of new high-tech security scanners that will not require you to remove your laptop from your bag.

The new 3D scanners are capable of screening carry on bags in much higher detail, meaning there’s no need for passengers to remove their laptops and place them on a separate tray. Even better still, it means other objects such as liquids and gels that would’ve also required separate scanning can be left in the bag as well.

The new technology is expected to reduce the overall time you spend faffing about at security screening down to around 60 seconds at the most.

The new scanners were previously trialled last year and were successful enough that airport officials ordered their permanent installation, with switches being thrown on today in the airport’s most recently opened T4 terminal.

That means travellers flying domestically on Jetstar, Rex, Tiger, and occasionally Virgin will be able to take advantage of them via one of four new “smart lanes,” which will cut security congestion at the terminal down significantly.

It’s also expected that the scanners will make random explosives tests beyond security gates redundant as well, as the scanners are powerful enough to detect any dangerous or errant substances contained within a bag.

Is it another step towards a dystopian future where individual privacy is a myth and everything we do and own is a matter of public record? Perhaps. Will it speed me through the giant security line and into the loving arms of the airport bar before I break out into a full-blown panic sweat? It sure as shit will. And that, ultimately, is the most important thing.

Image: Getty Images / Mark Dadswell