Chief reason why Melbourne does not have, and will not be getting, an airport rail link: See headline above.

The almighty carpark that encircles Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine with its army of cars from the economy class-travelling damned is one hell of a cash-spinner for the facility.

New figures released have revealed that the airport’s car park facilities – be they the monstrous multi-storey car-parks or the sprawling long-term lots – have raked in a staggering $1.1 billion in revenue over the course of the last decade.

That figure includes a staggering $135.3 million in the last calendar year alone, not only making it the highest earning airport car park in the nation, but at a rate that clocks in at around $370,000 per day.

And that figure is actually down on last year’s financial earnings for the car park, which dipped some $11.7million last year compared to the 12 months that preceded it.

The airport’s carpark facilities did see a sharp drop in profit, largely due to the airport adjusting their fees. But even still, the facility cleared a hefty $79.9million in pure profit from in 2016, with profit margins clocking in at a cool 59c on the dollar.

The total revenue pips Sydney Airport for the airport carpark with the most revenue; the NSW capital’s international airport pulled in $134million in 2016, but eclipsed Melbourne for total profits due to its far-higher profit margin (73.1c per dollar).

Sydney Airport also owns the national title for highest revenue per-car space, with each spot in its airport carpark earning $8395 per year, compared to Melbourne’s $5226 per space.

What this means, ultimately, is that while Sydney Airport carpark is overall more profitable that Melbourne, Melbourne’s is far bigger and far busier, largely due to a comparative lack of transport options to and from the terminals.

So while Melbourne remains the only major Australian airport without a direct rail link to the city (even though it sits between two very convenient pre-existing rail lines and all you’d need to do would be to build a branch offshoot line which you could elevate and make a skyrail and it’d make the Government a killing this is a slam dunk how is it not happening yet?) when your carparks are making you a billionaire, that definitely ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Quinn Rooney/Getty.