New York-based Serbian artist who consistently gives the oft-ridiculed genre of performance art a stellar and fresh name, Marina Abramovic is set to bring her signature brand of performance art to the fine shores of Sydney in June, with an eleven-day residency at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay.
Abramovic’s show, “Marina Abramovic: In Residence” will reportedly work in a similar way to her infamous ‘512 Hours’ performance held at the Serpentine Gallery in London last year: visitors will enter the space sans belongings—strictly no phones for recording or photos—to undertake meditative activities such as counting rice at a table, chilling in a hammock or walking “together in grinding slow-motion,” according to SMH. Abramaovic and her assistants will also be present. 
In typical Abramovic fashion, the artist described the ambitious performance/installation space: “I will be like a conductor in the exhibition space, but it will be the public who take the physical and emotional journey.” 
The exhibition in Sydney comes off the success of the 512 Hours exhibit, where visitors from June – August last year (a staggering 129,000 of them) entered a space to “interact” with Abramovic. With photos and videos strictly banned, it’s hard to gauge what specifically went on in that room, but a tumblr dedicated to visitors’ reactions offer some interesting insights – it looked pretty damn special.
Beyond the 512 Hours exhibit, Abramovic shot to even greater heights of fame following her infamous MoMA exhibit, “The Artist Is Present”, where visitors could sit across from the artist in what was essentially a meditative and incredibly moving staring-contest that frequently brought visitors to unassuming tears
‘Marina Abramovic: In Residence’ will be held at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay, Sydney from June 24 to July 5. Free admission. 

Via SMH.
Lead image by Michael Loccisano.