All I Want Is To Quit Life & Move To Maria Island, Where Wombats Are A Tripping Hazard

Wombats are hands down the best Australian animals, they beat everything else no arguments. And on Maria Island in Tasmania, there are so many of the furry critters that they’ve become an actual tripping hazard.

[jwplayer StNZdf6Q]

The island is off the coast of Tassie near Triabunna, and it’s only accessible by ferry. It has been a popular wombie hotspot for ages, but I only just learned about it and felt I must share this information with you all, in case you had NFI it existed.

The wombats here are so darn friendly you can get photos like this, if you’re lucky:

The whole tripping hazard thing is adorable, but also potentially dangerous for the little guys. East Coast Tourism chief executive Ruth Dowty told ABC Radio Hobart back in January that tourists need to be cautious around the wombats of the area, taking care not to chase them or fall on them when taking selfies.

“People are so enthralled with them, and they look so cute and cuddly, but people are getting too close,” she said.

So if you go, a few rules – don’t pick them up (der), don’t get too close if they’ve got babies with them because they’ll freak out, don’t surround them and don’t chase them if they’re walking away from you.

It seems judging from everyone’s Insta coverage though that these wombats have a vibe of the Rottnest Island quokkas – they look pretty friendly so there really shouldn’t be a need to chase any down.

The area is beautiful even if you weren’t inundated with wombats, btw.

Ridiculous. See ya never, I’m off to build an illegal house in the national park and live out my new dream of becoming a wombat queen, or something.