PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Luna Park Sydney to bring you a screamin' good time.

I had my 14th birthday at Luna Park. It was just me and three of my BFFS wearing matching low-rise velour trackies and taking on the world. We were young, we were wild, and we were riding fairy floss highs while riding the Ferris wheel. It was probably the best day of my teenage life. 

As a grown-ass adult woman, I still love Luna Park. There’s just something about walking into that big, weird mouth that gets me going. It’s a wonderland; an escape; a playground. The whole point of Luna Park is to have fun. That’s it. What rental increase? What passive-aggressive boss? Forget it all! 

Similarly, I was obsessed with Halloween as a kid. God, I was jealous of those trick or treating American dweebs who got to stuff their faces with Jolly Ranchers or Pop Tarts or Twizzlers or whatever they eat. October 31 was a sad day in my household by comparison. Just Cheez TV and sultana bran with no added sugar. Geez, thanks Mum. 

And this month, I get to scare the crap out of myself all over again when the iconic destination turns into a total nightmare for Halloscream

But sad day, no more! Luna Park (the stuff of my childhood dreams) is about to be transformed into a seriously scary hell hole (also the stuff of my childhood dreams). And Adult Me couldn’t be more stoked. 

If you a) enjoy a good frightening and b) are aged 14+, then listen up. Halloscream is running for five freaky nights (October 25, 26, 27 and November 1, 2) and is gonna be bringing three of those absolutely goddamn terrifying interactive haunted mazes. Think slit-mouthed Japanese ghosts, crazed 1800s outlaws, and Brenda, a murderous, bloodthirsty nurse working at a derelict hospital. NOPE. But also, take my money. 

It’s going to be a frightfully good time, no matter your age. Just BYO courage, spooks.

Image: Halloscream