Usually when you’re getting ready to jet off on a flight, the safety video is something nobody seems to pay attention to, even though it’ll probably stop you from running around like a chook with its head cut off in the off chance that something might go awry.

If you’ve seen one air steward pretend to blow into a life jacket, you’ve seen ’em all right?

The clever clogs over at British Airways have brought in a whole bunch of UK celebs to produce a safety video that folks might just pay attention to.

They’ve teamed up with the good folks at Comic Relief (who use comedy to raise much-needed funds for people in need) and brought in big names from UK tv and film like Gordon Ramsay, Warwick DavisSir Ian McKellenRowan Atkinson, and recent UK resident Gillian Anderson to try their hand at presenting the pre-flight safety talk.

The very talented stars are directed/put through their lines by UK comedian Asim Chaudhry, playing his ‘People Just Do Nothing’ character, Chabuddy G.

Peep the video below, which will be rolling out on all British Airways from September 1.

Dear QANTAS, please do this but with Kath Day-Knight, Kim Craig and Sharon Strzelecki, thanks.

Photo: British Airways / Youtube.