PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with CommBank to help you beautiful people DreamFar. To do this, CommBank flew three people and their mates O/S to live out their most ambitious travel plans. One winner dreamt of discovering history and fashion in London, so we made it happen. Keep reading to find out London’s most happening spots for your own plans, before heading HERE to learn how CommBank’s helping Aussies Dreamfar.

Sex and the City‘boroughs’

Why is that important? Well, no one wants to look like a touristy potato. Behaving like a local will make your trip more enjoyable, because you’ll be clued-in on where / what’s hip-hop-happening. That’s why we’ve focused on three boroughs in Ye Ol’ London Town. 

We were just there with Morgan + her boyfriend Teina to make her dream of discovering London’s history and fashion come true with CommBank. Check out what went down in the video below.

Yeah, it’s time you went on a holiday, so check out how the locals live their best lives in the boroughs of Hackney, Shoreditch and Brixton


Photo: Mathias Zaglmayer / Getty.

Hackney is a completely gentrified area in London. Just up the road from Shoreditch as well as nearby Dalston, it’s a real mix of folk and kind of like Sydney‘s Redfern – there’s council housing next to beautifully renovated million-dollar terraces, making it a primo spot for people-watching.

London Fields

London Fields Westside, E8 3EU.

Photo: MeetUp. 

If, per chance, you find your damn-fine self in London during summer, then scurry on over to London Fields for a chill Sunday BBQ. There ain’t nothing better than sipping on a cider in the sun while enjoying some food. In London you’re able to purchase everything you might need (like snacks and drinks) from conveniently located stores. Shrubland Mini Mart is right near London Fields – while it might just be a convenience store, it’s also an incredible place to park yo’self and take in the many different types of humans who live around Hackney. 

Broadway Market

Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ. 

Photo: Broadway Market / Facebook. 

Hit up Broadway Market in Hackney for a double shot of cafe culture, y’all. Get your ass there on a Saturday because it pops off – the whole street is closed and lined with clothes + food vendors. Think: freshly shucked oysters, home-made ice cream, gourmet scotch eggs, fresh truffle pasta, home-made sauces, delicious bakery treats, pulled pork rolls and literally anything you’d ever want for. If you can’t get there on a Saturday, there’s still a heap of joints that are open regularly, like the ones below. 

L’Eau à la Bouche

35-37 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH.

Photo: L’Eau à la Bouche / Facebook.

Why journey across a body of water to visit France when you can get a hit of Paris at deli + wine bar, L’Eau à la Bouche.

The Cat & Mutton

76 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ.

Photo: The Cat & Mutton. 

If one goes to London and *doesn’t* have an authentic pub experience, did they even go? Get your fix at The Cat & Mutton.

Bella Vita

53-57 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH.

Photo: @bellavitabroadway / Instagram.

Hanging out for some carbalicious loving? Bella Vita has you covered on the pizza / pasta craving front. 

Pavilion Bakery

18 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ.

Photo: Pavilion Bakery / tumblr. 

Head to Pavilion Bakery for a decent cup of Joe, and the most delicious goddamn cookies you’ve ever eaten. 


Photo: kkong5 / Getty.

Shoreditch, located in East London but closer to the city, is THE place to eat, drank, shop and partay. It has those inner-city feels without it being overly touristy as nearby areas can often be. We reckon it’s well worth your valuable time to book a tour with Alternative London. These guys can give you the inside-scoop on food, drink and street art in London via a walking / bike tour during the day or night. They also provide a street art course if you’re wanting to emulate your inner Banksy.

Ace Hotel

100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JQ.

Photo: Ace Hotel. 

Your best bet for accommodation in Shoreditch is the epic Ace Hotel. It’s cooler than ice cold and filled with creative types by day, but then a rowdier crowd at night. The hotel also has it’s own in-house cafe, which is perfect for those who need a coffee first thing to become remotely human. 


58 Redchurch St, Shoreditch E2 7DP.

Photo: Allpress. 

Reckon Aussies have a better handle on making coffee than the Brits? Grab a taste of home at the ‘Strayan-run joint, Allpress.


7 Boundary St, London E2 7JE.

Photo: Dishoom. 

Dishoom is WHERE IT’S BLOODY AT for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That being said, there’s no denying its brunch service on a Saturday or Sunday is this establishment’s highlight. Don’t, and we mean DON’T, be a fool and overlook the bacon + egg naan ft. chilli relish – it’ll change your view of the world. Dishoom is always packed, so make sure you book yourself a table in advance.  

Shoreditch House

1 Ebor St, London E1 6AW.

Photo: Shoreditch house.

Have a crack at befriending a member of the lucrative + ritzy Shoreditch house. This exclusive establishment has some jaw-dropping features and is a must-go for those who like to party in style. 


Photo: Gerard Puigmal / Getty.

If you head south of the river, you’ll hit Brixton. It’s like a little village with a bigger city vibe, and somehow manages to be even less touristy than Shoreditch whilst still being jam-packed with people. If you’re game on heading to Brixton, there’s no better way to get to know it than with a guide from CityUnscripted. If you’re lucky, mega legend Yunna (one of the ace tour guides) will show you the area’s ropes. 

Pop Brixton

49 Brixton Station Rd, London SW9 8PQ.

Photo: Pop Brixton. 

Pop Brixton’s an epic pop-up market made of shipping containers that’ve been refurbished into food / drink / fashion joints. Be sure to get amongst the pizza, ramen and vietnamese food here, fam. It’s nek level. 

Brixton Academy

211 Stockwell Rd, London SW9 9SL.

Photo: Brixton Academy. 

Brixton Electric

Town Hall Parade, London SW2 1RJ.

Photo: Brixton Electric / Facebook. 

Both Brixton Academy and Brixton Electric are true establishments of the area. Check out their schedule to see who’s playing at either while in town.

Ritzy Cinema

Brixton Oval, Brixton SW2 1JG.

Photo: Ritzy Cinema / Facebook. 

Ritzy Cinema is one of London’s original independent cinemas and is fitted out with two bars, killer snacks, and puts on late night shows / stand up nights every now and again.

DAMN, LONDON. YOU FINE AS HELL. Hopefully y’all have enough to work with to live like a local in the city, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for travel basics.

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Photo: Samuele Seguso / Getty.