Today, Scott Morrison outlined his three-step plan to get Australia out of COVID-19 lockdown and back to (somewhat) normal. One big question was this – when will we be able to travel again?

Well, as of right now – if your state allows it, that is.

ScoMo’s step one, which is actioned as of today (pending state leaders go ahead for their respective states) allows for local and regional travel. That means you can go on a cheeky weekender within your state.

It also means you can drive further than your local area to, say, have a cute picnic or go on a day hike in one of these phenom national parks.

Again, this is all dependent on your state. For example, the Northern Territory has opened their national parks back up for local hangs, whereas VIC and NSW remain on more restrictive lockdown.

Still, there’s a big chance this announcement from Scott Morrison will change things in the coming weeks. Just stay tuned for what your state premier has to say.

As far as interstate travel goes, that’s off the cards until step two. ScoMo hasn’t indicated when step two will come into play, but did say there will be a review of how step one is going in 3 weeks time.

In step two, interstate travel will be considered, although very much dependent on the situation of each state and territory. So for now, there’s no point planning a big jaunt through The Kimberleys, for example, if you don’t live in WA.

But a little country vacay? Start (mentally, until your premier gives the green light) booking that one now.