Hey mates, wanna know a choice you will not regret? Not taking the hour train from Florence to Pisa for $10. Because what the hell’s in Pisa aside from tourists taking a classic pic with the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Guess what, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is barely even leaning anymore. It’s leaning but a sliver of its former dramatic angle. It’s basically a Slightly Askew Tower of Pisa now. It’s a slightly askew building in a small town in Italy full of history and culture. Go to literally any other small town in Italy and skip the photos and just like eat pasta/have a Spritz for a fraction of the price instead.

CNN reports that the UNESCO World Heritage Site has lost four centimetres of its iconic tilt over the last 17 years.

Between 1993 and 2001, to keep the 57-metre-tall Leany Boy upright, engineers deliberately tried to straighten him up, by removing a heap of soil from underneath the raised end. Like they straight up closed the monument for 11 years because it was tilting 4.5 metres which is a safety hazard and tried to keep ‘im standing. Ever since building commenced in 1173, the Leaning Tower has always been a bit off.

Sure that ingenious engineering strategy worked, but probably too well. The angle of the guy now is like when you’re casually leaning against a wall. That’s not a marvel! The engineers successfully straightened it by 40 centimetres at the time, and now it seems it’s moved another four just on its own. Like it’s been told by it’s mother to stand up straight so many times it’s finally gone ‘Ugh’ and done it.

There you have it. The Leaning Tower is slowly straightening itself out. Well, it has slightly in the last 17 years. Engineers are simply predicting it’ll stay stable for another 200 years.

No hurry to get your tourist shot then.

Source: CNN
Image: Getty Images / Franco Origlia