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Lake Macquarie is only 90 minutes north of Sydney, but there’s a good chance you haven’t thought to road trip up there for a weekender. Well, that ends now — there is heaps of outdoorsy, naturey stuff worth getting amongst now we’ve had to cancel all our Euro trips.

Lake Macquarie has a coastline of 32km making it the largest coastal saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere. Boy that’s a BIG chunk of land. It’s actually twice the size of Sydney Harbour, can you believe?! A chuck of land that big is going to have plenty of fun activities to do — surfing, mountain biking, hiking, cave diving — as well as being a hub for some mouthwateringly delicious places to eat and drink.

If all of the above sounds right up your alley, it’s time to start planning your next trip. Allow us to entice you further with some fun little thought starters for your next trip.

1. SUP Adventuring

lake macquarie

Hire an SUP (or a kayak, if the idea of standing on a surfboard-type-thing gives you hives) and cruise around for the day. Lake Macquarie Kayaks & SUP Hire will loan you a board or a kayak from $25 an hour.

2. Go Mountain Biking

Feel like even MORE of an adventure? the Awaba Mountain Bike Park is open all year round, and is a trail network with options for beginners through to cross-country and downhill routes.

3. Check Out Some Sea Caves

It might not be swimming weather (yet) but you can still do some exploring in Lake Macquarie, like at Caves Beach, a beach with… a lot of sea caves, der. If you want a loooong beach walk, there’s also Nine Mile Beach.

4. Wake Up To Water Views

There are some amazing waterfront accom options in Lake Macquarie, like these bungalows. Or if you’re a keen fishing nut, there are lakehouses galore where you can park your boat and basically fish all day, then have some bevviess at sunset.

Sounds bloody good, huh folks?!  Check out the Visit Lake Macquarie website for more info.