Keep Yr Data Usage Tite With This Map Of Every Airport WiFi P/W Worldwide

Airports are fun, aren’t they?
Lost baggage, screaming babies, passengers passing on random tummy bugs that render your arsehole explosive. 
Layovers can be a helluva ride.
A bloody genius / travel blogger / computer security engineer by the name of Anil Polat has created this godsent interactive map for travellers to painlessly find the WiFi passwords of any and all airports ’round the globe:
The map is updated regularly, and also includes details of where to sit to get the best connection. He does all the legwork, so all you gotta do is find a comfy spot on the floor and plug in.
A big sayonara goes out to those fucked-out mobile data charges – you’re now free flying, baby.

Source: Mashable.
Photo: Anil Polat / Google maps.