Turns Out A Jurassic World Exists And You Can Visit It Right Now

Jurassic World
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Where’s Chris Pratt when you need him?

Universal Studios Singaporeat Resorts World Sentosa has gone and opened an actual Jurassic World. Finally, tourists will be able to embark on an exciting adventure where dinosaurs roam the earth.

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The dinosaur haven opened its doors earlier this month to the collective squeals of Jurassic Park fans aged foetus to 140+, and unlike the movies, the park comes with significantly less risk.

Regardless, Jurassic World: Explore & Roar is only running up until August 22nd, so it’s safe to say flights to Singapore should be booked like, yesterday.

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If you do find a way out of your mundane life and to the world of prehistoric wonder, expect to get the full dino experience. The park offers interactive raptor training which tbh, sounds like something we’ll genuinely need in the future the way these scientists are heading. (FYI scientists, bringing back the woolly mammoth is fine by me, but if you even think about bringing back the pterodactyl I will hunt you down. I don’t want to be swooped by a magpie on steroids, thank you very much.)

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Other attractions include a ‘Jurassic Encounter’, an augmented reality experience where you’ll see yourself on a giant screen chilling next to a T.rex or shooting the breeze with a triceratops as they go about their usual dinosaur business, as well as a stunt-filled live action show which is deadset the closest thing you’ll (hopefully) ever get to freaking out because a dinosaur has just broken out of its enclosure.

While you’re there, you may as well make a sesh out of it and hit up the rest of Universal Studios Singapore (located 10 mins from the CBD) for all the other rides and attractions, like the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure adventure and the hectic Canopy Flyer.

Wanna go a step further? Resorts World Sentosa is home to the S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world which also boasts 100,000 marine animals but I mean, who’s counting?

If you actually want to interact with the colourful fish as opposed to just looking at them, grab a snorkel and explore some reefs at Adventure Cove Waterpark. The way the Great Barrier Reef is going, Adventure Cove Waterpark may be our last hope. Grim but accurate. (Sick of fish altogether? Head to Adventure Cove Waterpark‘s insane waterslides. Thank me later.)

There’s also the Maritime Experiential Museum if you love a good trip through history. I’m talking pre-Instagram, pre-internet, pre-electricity. Yes, there was a time when electricity was not a thing. Wild. Seriously though the museum gives you first-hand experience of the Maritime Silk route as well as the conquest of the seas. Intriguing.

Or, if your lil heart is set on the Jurassic World: Explore & Roar, make sure you get in before August 22nd.

Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore start from AUD68. Make sure to check out these hotels to sort your accomm stat.