Jetstar’s Ridic Sale Is Back, Meaning You Can Head To Honolulu From $189

$305 is too little cash to spend on a round-trip from Melbourne to Honolulu. It just is. It is a dollar figure which practically insults the sheer marvels of engineering that permit global travel. $305 is a figure more readily ascribed to fixing a mechanical problem than a flight which plucks you from the frigid Victorian air and drops you in a tropical wonderland.

Yet $305 is how much a traveller could spend to fly to the 50th US state, as part of Jetstar‘s enormous mid-season sale. Make that $189 if you’re heading one way. Seriously, have a peek:


That trip, departing Friday July 19 and returning Sunday August 18, is one of many, many ludicrous offers currently available on the Jetstar site. Does it only permit one 7kg carry-on bag per passenger? Yes, but also, who cares? Use the money you saved to buy boardies over there.

Anyway, the wanderlusted among you can pick up some similarly bonkers deals to other locations. Melbourne folks can skip over to Christchurch for a paltry $135, while Sydneysiders can travel one-way to Seoul for as little as $268. 

Yes, there are domestic deals, and most of them also defy all kinds of logic, too. It’s a big one. If you’re feeling keen to bust on out of here, peep the full slew of deals here.