Jetstar Is Doing $99 Flights To The NT If You Wanna Yeet As Far Away From Yr Yard As Possible

jetstar nt northern territory flights

Travel’s very much back on the agenda for a whole lot of us now that we’re largely vaxxed up and everything’s creaking back open again, which makes this cheap flight news all the more sweeter. Right in time for all of us to dig out our suitcases again, Jetstar is doing very bloody cheap flights to the NT for early next year.

Flight sale news! In this economy! Who would have thought?!

From now until midnight on Monday, you can score yourself one-way flights to the red centre or the top end for a very tidy $99, which is so good considering it was usually cheaper to get to fkn Bali than it is to Darwin in The Before Times (you know, before all of ~this~ kicked off).

These flights are for travel between January 4 and March 31 next year, so there’s plenty of time to plan all the other fun things, and carefully pack 400 pairs of undies in case you piss yourself every day.

As it’s Jetstar, these cheap NT tix are one-way and don’t include baggage, but honestly it wouldn’t be much more to chuck a bag on. It’d still come in cheaper than a normal flight to the NT.

Teaming these back-pocket-friendly flights with the fact the Northern Territory is doing up to $1000 off trips up north for fully-vaxxed travellers, this could quite possibly be the cheapest yeet to the heat we’ll ever be able to do.

So if you’ve been spending the last 18 months pining for an escape to somewhere, anywhere, that is the absolute opposite of your back yard, the park down the street, and that same café you’ve had to go to every fucking morning, then consider this a sign. A big, orange sign with wings and the promise of delivering to you to Uluru or the endless sunsets of Darwin.

Truly, you’d be a plumb idiot to not drop this tasty nugget of travel news into your group chat and watch everyone go rabid. We all deserve a bit of a holiday after the last couple of years so why not just fuck off into the outback and go marvel at the beating heart of the country, or smile at a (very fucking big) crocodile?