RIGHTO mates, it’s time to break open your piggy banks and book yourself a nice lil’ holiday for early-to-mid 2018, because Jetstar is having another one of its fuck-off ridiculous flight sales.

Sydney to Melbourne, for example? From $59, which I bet you could find in spare change lying around your room / bags right now. Melbourne to Aukland? $139. Melbourne to Honolulu? $289. How it is possible to fly four times the distance for not four times the price is beyond me, but there you go.

All up, domestic flights (i.e. Byron Bay, the Whitsundays, Uluru, and all the major cities) start from $35 and international flights (i.e. Ho Chi Minh City, Honolulu, Phuket, Aukland, Christchurch and Denpasar) from $109, which is good news for anyone who’s sent themselves a liiiiiiittle bit broke with Christmas shopping. (Read: buying presents online for oneself.)

The flights are on sale right the hell now and end Thursday 14 December or until they’re sold out, so spam your group chat and GET GOING.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Singapore from $179^
  • Melbourne (Avalon) to Sydney from $35^
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Newcastle from $49^
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Sydney from $59^
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Christchurch from $139^
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Honolulu from $289^
  • Perth to Singapore from $109^
  • Perth to Sydney from $119^
  • Gold Coast to Auckland from $129^
  • Gold Coast to Sydney from $45^
  • Gold Coast to Tokyo (Narita) from $259^
  • Sunshine Coast to Sydney from $59^
  • Sydney to Auckland from $145^
  • Adelaide to Melbourne (Avalon) from $35^
  • Adelaide to Sydney from $65^
  • Brisbane to Mackay from $49^
  • Brisbane to Newcastle from $45^
  • Ballina Byron to Sydney from $45^
  • Hobart to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $45^
  • Cairns to Osaka from $188^

The rest can be viewed / perused over at jetstar.com.

Image: Getty Images / Pete Souza