Is The Dream Over? Tougher UK Visa Laws Screwing Over Aussie Expats

Oi, Britain, you got a problem with us or wot mate? Our “special relationship” with the motherland is about to take a serious dive, with a new report saying that the UK‘s “discriminatory” immigration policies have seriously fkd things up for Australians wanting to work over there (so everyone). 

Basically, back in 2011, the UK introduced new policies that clamped down on immigrants entering the UK from any nation not inside the European Union.

These included closing certain skilled worker visas – a common method-of-entry for Aussies – and reducing the cap on employer-sponsored visas to just 20,700 places per year. The places are split month-by-month, and although they were exhausted for the first time in June this year, we’ve breached it every month since.
“Being a subject from one of Her Majesty’s realms or being from a Commonwealth nation should count for something when looking to visit, work, study or live in the United Kingdom. At the moment it appears to count for little,” said British Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell in January this year, perfectly summed up the crux of the issue.
This new report – which comes from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – says these policies are both discriminatory and are likely to mess with the special relationship we’ve always had with Britain (which includes but is not limited to fighting for them in WW1 and WW2, knighting and then un-knighting Prince Phillip, and hosting several thousand of their lot in Bondi. A mixed bag, tbh.).

“The UK’s visa changes are making this country a less welcoming destination for Australians.”

“This potentially harms the UK’s image and reputation in Australia, and might even in the long term undermine the unique Australia-UK bond.”

There’s been a 50% drop in Aussie migration between 1999 and 2011, and another 14% drop since then. And unlike for other nationalities, the UK demands that Australians hired by UK businesses must return to Australia to either obtain or switch visas, because THAT isn’t a giant pain-in-the-ass. Dicks.

“The UK’s refusal to allow in-country switching deters employers and discriminates against Australians,” concluded the report.

Look, fellas, you might not want to fuck with us. Our “special bond” also gives you access to Bondi Beach, and we are all painfully aware of your thirst for it. Capiche?

Source: News Corp.
Image: Visit London.