How To Hang Onto Summer Forever If You Flat-Out Refuse To Be Cold Anymore

Does your vibe plummet as the temperature does? If you wish you could ‘thanks, but no thanks’ cold weather, we say – in the wise words of Hilary Duff – why not? Give up on standing under the heat lamp in your bathroom and listening to wave sounds on YouTube and skip town for somewhere warmer like The Whitsundays. 

Only a short plane ride away and home to natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays is the perfect place to peace out to if you’re in need of ample vitamin D. It stays sunny and warm year-round, so keep those spirits high by hopping on a sailing yacht and throwing yourself into one of the activities on deck to fill that sunshine cup. 

Dive into the deep blue

Leaping into crystal-clear, aqua water can revitalise you at any time of the year. Onboard the Kiana Sail & Dive adventure, you’ll spend three days and two nights exploring the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef and going swimming, diving and paddle-boarding. You’ll be able to check out the scores of colourful coral and fish in the magical untouched ecosystems of the local marine park. 

Bushwalk off the beaten track

Sick of that same stroll around your block? Escape into nature with a sailing adventure that incorporates some sweet hikes into the trip. When you climb aboard this Prosail 24-metre sailing yacht for a yoga and hiking trip, your time on the pristine waters will be wrapped up with daily meditation and yoga. Eat fresh-caught seafood and island-hop to hike up to some of the best views in The Whitsundays. Hasta la vistas.

Sip some sunset bevvies

Nothing oozes warm weather like a cheeky bevvie at sunset. Cheers with your pals as you watch orange hues fill the sky on the roomy deck of the Atlantic Clipper. With two waterslides, a diving platform and a 12-person jacuzzi aboard, you’ll have a bloody ball on this boat.

Tick some items off the bucket list

Always wanted to swim with turtles? Haven’t ever seen the white silica sand of Whitehaven Beach? Never spotted a whale in the wild? Knock it all off your bucket list while you cling to the sunshine up in The Whitsundays. On your few-day voyage, keep those eyes out for George – a local celeb in the tropical paradise who also happens to be a Humphead Maori Wrasse fish. Most tours will give you the op to stop by Whitehaven Beach for a day and many have diving instructors on-hand to take you down to swim with as much marine life as you can.

If Thirsty Merc’s ‘Summertime’ cuts deeper than you expect every time you watch Bondi Rescue, these tips are for you. Follow ’em and I’ll meet you and the curly-headed frontman of Thirsty Merc sailing in the summertime. That is where we’ll be (all year).