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We know what you’re all about. You’re a gun at whatever job’s been lucky enough to land you, and because of that, you take to your work with the ferocity your crazy aunt takes to squeezing your cheeks after one too many. In short: you’re a go-getter who’s been working hard from day dot to reach your goals.  
Although your drive is more energising than smashing back 20-odd Redbulls, it’s only a matter of time before you’re a tad burnt out. And just like the general consensus toward toast, being burnt sucks. 
You need a holiday, and you need it badly. But while your body is lusting for some much-needed R&R, your mind’s all like: “NUP. Keep on hustlin’.”
To get around this mental roadblock, we’d like to introduce the idea of ‘funemployment’
Investopedia defines funemployment as, “Unemployed individuals who decide to enjoy the free time that unemployment provides.” People started getting around the idea during the GFC because they, y’know, didn’t have jobs. Rather than moaning on about their situation, they pulled their socks up and focused on the only work available: ~living their best lives~.
Not too shabby, right? 
The video below further outlines the concept of funemployment and gives a few recommendations of locales that you could live in for next to nothing. Get around it, fam.

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You don’t need a whole lot of dosh to live in some of the world’s greatest spots. That being said, however, you do need something tucked away, as well as a plan of attack to make sure you don’t run out of cash.
Bankwest’s Savings Calculator is a nifty tool you can utilise to help you create a feasible plan of attack re: stashing away enough money to make your funemployment goals a reality. Additionally, their Budget Planner can help you keep dibs on the comings and goings of your finances to ensure you don’t fall short when O/S. 
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