These Hotels Across Oz Are Hiding Mini Artwork For Guests To Hunt Down

Art in Micro

Having recently discovered that I’m officially too old/anti-social to be staying in dingy hostels with 12-bed dorms, I was pretty bummed out. I mean, it’s the end of an era.

Goodbye, stranger who drank my milk and kept drinking my milk when I asked him if he was drinking my milk. Farewell, that one guy who switched his tattered shoes for my non-tattered shoes when he checked out. Au revoir, that other guy who woke me up at 4am to ask me what time it was. It’s been a ride, thanks for the memories.

The good news is that now I can look forward to a life of glorious, milk thief-less hotels. And to be honest, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

If you scour the world looking for quirky accommodation, Australia currently has a total of eight hotels with one tiny quirk in common.

Art Series Hotels are running the Art in Micro exhibition in their hotels, which sees teeny, tiny forms of artwork (like the one below) hidden around each hotel for guests to discover with a catalogue and a magnifying glass. (The staff give the magnifying glasses to you, it’s not a BYO situation.)

So tiny. So genius.

Before I list all of the hotels that are showing the exhibition, I feel it’s important to let everyone know that if you do find all of the hidden art, you could win a trip for two to the Louvre. The real Louvre. In Paris. Paris, France. That Louvre.

this one

To join the hunt for mini-art, you can book a stay at any of the hotels listed below up until July 31.

The Johnson, Brisbane
The Fantauzzo, Brisbane
The Chen, Melbourne
The Larwill Studio, Melbourne
The Cullen, Melbourne
The Olsen, Melbourne
The Blackman, Melbourne
The Watson, Adelaide

And here’s a little sneak peek of The Fantauzzo to really get you amped:

To get a better sense of what this miniature art looks like, please direct your gaze to this vid:

Book away, I say.