HOT DAMN: Contiki’s Doing 30% Off An Insane Amount Of Hols For Black Friday

It’s the end of 2017, Auld Lang Syne etc etc wow, what a year – blah blah blah. Even though this happens every year, because time does not stand still, there’s just something about December looming that makes you feel like you’ve achieved nothing and need to make some plans for the following year immediately.

You know what’s always a good plan? A TRIP. A fun, exhilarating holiday. And since Black Friday – the big US sale day that’s creeped over to Aussie shores – is literally tomorrow, there’s never been a better time to fling $$ at your next trip.

Globetrotting legends Contiki are carving 30% off a huuuuge amount of trips for Black Friday. Seriously, wherever you wanna go – they’ve probably got a sale deal on. Here’s some of the cracker deals we’re frothing over.


Forget huddling around your heater in July and book a summer 2018 Euro holiday. Contiki are cutting 30% off their European Experience, European Vista and European Discovery trips.

USA 2018

Contiki’s LA to the Bay, Wild Western, and Grand Southern trips will all have 30% off, so you can hit up some USA spots that aren’t just NYC.

ASIA 2018

A huuuge amount of their Asia offerings are discounted – Big Indochina, Asian Adventure, Eternal India and Southern Spice. It’s the perf time to travel somewhere you’ve never experienced.

LATAM 2018

You can score Contiki’s Mexico Grande and The Explorer trips for 30% off tomorrow, too.

NZ 2017 and 2018

Closer to home, hit up Hobbiton with Contiki’s Northern Choice trip, or check out the rest of NZ with the Sweet As South, Kiwiana Panorama and Big Tiki trips all copping 30% off.

Good lord, the wanderlust has well and truly kicked in mates. Hit up the Contiki Black Friday sale here.