HOLY JAPAN: Jetstar’s Running An Insane Sale Where It’ll Fly You Home Free

Look, we know you’re probably overwhelmed (and overbooked) with all of the ludicrously cheap international flights that have been on offer lately. We get it.

That being said, we also know you’ve always wanted to scope out Japan, so we don’t feel so bad telling you that JetStar are going wild with ludicrously cheap return flights to the Land of the Rising Sun.

This could be us but u playin’.
As of right bloody now, the airline is offering punters a buy-one-get-one-free deal, and a slew of basic flight packages are being matched with equivalent return tickets for exactly $0. 

JetStar have been offering Starter fares departing Sydney, Melbourne Tullamarine, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Cairns. As for arrival? Well, you’ve got Tokyo Narita and Osaka to choose from.

All of this means that, this arvo, it was totally possible for you to travel from Cairns to Tokyo, return, for $249. Really.
Of course, people caught the hell on, and it now seems your (still gr8) options are now sliiightly limited. 
At the mo’, it appears your best bet to nab one of the fabled $0 returns is to look at travelling from Sydney to Osaka from late April, with a return date sometime in May. Here’s a sneaky screenshot on a deal we dearly want to pull the trigger on:

Still, DEFINITELY have a gander yourself, ’cause this is nuts.
The flights on offer depart between 23 March and 30 November 2017. All you need to do (apart from fantasise about cherry blossoms, neon lights and a billion varieties of Kit-Kats) is to select a valid Starter return flight, pick ya departure, and then snag the $0 one on the return. 

A few notes: there’s no checked baggage included at that tier, so you’ll have to chip in if you want to smuggle back a lifetime’s supply of Gundam figures and Japan-only vinyl pressings. 

Check out the entire deal right here. Bring us back some of those fancy selvage jeans from Osaka, please and thanks.
Source: JetStar. 
Photo: Lost In Translation.