Here’s A Bunch Of Sales On QLD Flights & Accom RN If You Need To Chill Before Family Xmas

If you’ve been thinking about taking a holiday to Queensland but have been holding off for whatever reason, we’re here to be the devil on your shoulder and say “why wait?” And it’s not just us – Queensland is asking you to seize the day by taking a spontaneous well-needed holiday before the end of the year.

Running from October 9 until the 15th, Queensland’s sale event is offering you the best bang for your vacay buck. From amazing value packages to discounted luxury escapes, and even a $50 Experience Oz voucher when you book a flight with Virgin Australia, there are hundreds of Queensland escapes on sale this week.

The holidays are always filled with relatives asking me if I’ve done anything exciting or interesting this year, and the answer is usually no. But life’s too short to let family judgement hold ya down, and distance makes the heart grow fonder. So if you wanna get ahead of your extended family’s judgey scorn, give them something to be jealous about.

Whether that’s by taking a quick dive at the Great Barrier Reef, checking out the Lady Musgrave Pontoon or going unwinding for a few nights in a rainforest.

Queensland is known for its many ocean activities you can dip your toes into, from boat tours, to helicopter rides over the Reef and snorkelling. However, if you’re not exactly an outdoorsy person, there are plenty of art and culture experiences in Queensland as well that are also on sale too.

Here are some limited-time value packages on offer during this exclusive retail sale event:

  • Three nights at the Noosa Blue Resort, with a Noosa Food and Wine tour so you can sample the best of this region from $499
  • Flights from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast from $95
  • Five nights at the Crstalbrook Flynn in Cairns, with two reef trips, included flights, and more value than you can poke a stick at from only $1,299
  • Three nights at the Vibe Hotel on the Gold Coast from $499

Regardless of where you’re travelling from, and who you’re travelling with, these deals will surely ease the pain on your wallet.

Check out the hundreds of retail week deals and explore the many packages on offer here!

If you wanna branch out and explore more of what Queensland has to offer, suss out Queensland’s official website for travel inspiration and events happening right across Queensland.